Thursday, March 19, 2009

We have always been our own editors.

Nicholas Kristof doesn't often get it wrong, but in his March 18th column he misunderstands how we have always used media. We have always been our own editor -- long before the web transformed news distribution we had other equally effective ways of staying within our tribe (physically, intellectually, emotionally). Kristoff suggests a past idyllic time when our social and personal discourse was much more diverse -- when we embraced conflicting opinion and sought out challenges to our worldviews. That's not the world I grew up in, in rural Pennsylvania (before the web). It's not the world my kids grew up in, in gentrified, liberal-intellectual-arts-oriented New York (in the early days of the web). The Christian and Age of Aquarius ideals have urged us to Love One Another. But the more realistic ideal of the secular, democratic, civil society has urged us to embrace a Respectful, maybe even Empathetic, Adjacency. I see no reason to believe that people are more likely to choose media they agree with today than they did fifty or a hundred years ago. It's just all more efficient now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More on grand plans for Paris

Lost of coverage of Sarkozy's 10 plans for the future of "Grand Paris." Among lots else, here.

We're all watching what will happen in Seattle

The transition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer to an online publication (only) happened today. The Seattle Times is in trouble. Seattle is one of the most cosmopolitan, trend-sensitive, and independent thinking places in America. It's going to be a real test of how the Seattle "media" sorts itself out. See

Monday, March 16, 2009

Plans for a new "Grand Paris"

" . . . The task is herculean, the mission quasi-impossible, but the challenge absolutely irresistible . . ." Story here. See "Grand Plans from NYC on hold," below, March 14.

The state of American journalism

Here is Pew's annual report on American journalism: The State of the News Media.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Spring officially comes to Brooklyn NY with the St. Patrick's Day parade.

The Warhol Economy

How cultural drivers shape the urban economy -- post from the Institute for Public Policy Research

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grand Plans for NYC on Hold?

NYT looks at the prospect of NYC's latest building wave stalled -- maybe ended for the foreseeable future.

Institute for PR Research and Education elects new President / CEO

News from IPR

Vina del Mar, Chile

Just as a reminder: keep in touch with Katie Paine

PR Communications Measurement World always here:

Landscape Architects and Designers Remaking Our Experience

Landscape architects and designers lead re-thinking the urban environment.

Brooklyn waterfront and NYC bay parks?

We need to have the City take this over.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden February