Saturday, May 16, 2009

Disappointing NY Photo Festival

The quality of the photography at the 2nd New York Photo Festival in DUMBO this weekend was really disappointing. And the surprisingly small crowd on a Saturday afternoon with good weather also wasn't encouraging -- especially since last year the DUMBO sidewalks along with the galleries were quite mobbed. I don't know why the curators/promoters can't find/leverage the photo talent that exists in NYC to create a more exciting/important event. I'd argue that their definition of photography is, though purportedly quite progressive/contemporary, quite very narrow and parochial. The festival has no inclusion of the fashion photography world. No inclusion of the nature/geographical photo world. No inclusion of the scientific/medical/etc photo world. No inlcusion of the mainstream photojournalism community. I saw a few really beautiful, provocative images. But most of the exhibits were were quite ordinary and derivative. A big disappointment.