Friday, May 15, 2009

Storm King Wavefield -- not the whole story

Maya Lin's "Storm King Wavefield" has been getting some very nice, and well-deserved attention, such as this NYT review. But a big piece of the story isn't being told -- and that's the planting philosophy and strategy. The planting plan and oversight of the installation was done by Darrell Morrison, one of nation's most influential landscape architects for his promotion of planting design with native species. Darrell is professor emeritus at University of Georgia, currently teaches at Columbia University's program in Landscape Design, and works with some very high profile private and public clients, including several aspects of the field/grasses planting at Storm King. I visited Lin's Wavefield with Darrell last summer before the official opening and as he was managing the initial planting. Darrell should really be getting acknowledgement as a collaborator on Lin's very beautiful work.