Thursday, July 30, 2009

Green roofs. White roofs.

I attended a very useful and realistic presentation on green roofs last night at The Horticultural Society of New York. Amy Norquist, president of Greensulate, gave a really balanced presentation about the practicalities of installing and maintaining a green roof in the NYC metropolitan area. Good info about the realities and limitations of the tax incentives. Coincidentally, The New York Times ran a major feature today about white roofs. According to Amy Norquist last night, the benefits of a white roof are limited -- after a few years their reflective properties are compromised; whereas, the green roof (European experience cited) have life cycles far beyond the typical warranty of traditional roofs along with consideration of the sustainability benefits. See my earlier post of getting green roofs out of the hands of starchitects, July 21. Interesting discussion.