Friday, July 24, 2009

Journalism - blogging - evolving

This feature in The New York Review of Books, “The News About the Internet,” by Michael Massing (a contributing editor of the Columbia Journalism Review), examines in detail the emergence of a hybrid between “journalist” and “blogger” in light of the changes in the news industry we all know about. Several paragraphs detail the serious bloggers that cover Wall Street, the banks, and the relationships between Wall Street and Washington. Lots of examples of how major MSM features use these serious, focused bloggers as sources. This kind of blogger is more like an investigative reporter than a Mat Drudge or a teenager on MySpace. The article concludes with echoing Pew on “Power shifting to the individual journalists and away . . . from journalistic institutions . . . . consumers are gravitating to the work of individual writers and voices, and away somewhat from institutional brand . . . “