Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl half time

OK. Just saw the SuperBowl half time with The Who. My reaction -- "the Who?" Who was that pathetically geriatric kareoke band? Lot's of lights. And old men prancing around to even older music. What is CBS thinking? Aren't they supposed to be marketing to the 18-34?I'm speechless -- because of the stupidity of that half time show -- and what it must've cost CBS.My suggestion: the SuperBowl half time should showcase the best of high school and college bands. It's totally authentic with the American experience. And it's got huge Reality TV implications as the band members/team prepare for the ultimate performance.
And, -- trust me -- a 3rd rate high school band half-time show/marching has lots more interest than that grossly over-produced, geriatric Who exhibition.
Is anybody thinking?