Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More biophilia evidence: How urban parks enhance your brain

The Atlantic Cities posted yesterday on "How Urban Parks Enhance Your Brain" -- Eric Jaffee, an Atlantic Cities blogger, reviews current research on the impact of nature walks vs. urban walks on memory and mood. In that relatively circumscribed set of experiences, the nature walks showed strong positive effects on subjects in a number of studies. Jaffee notes: " 'incorporating nearby nature into urban environments may counteract' some of the cognitive strains placed on the brain by the city, the authors write. Recent research has suggested economic and crime benefits of urban greenery; now advocates can legitimately add 'public health' to their list of arguments." Omsted would not have been surprised.

I've posted recently on various aspects of biophilia and public health: Bringing biophilia indoors, Richard Louv challenges the environmental establishment brand, Genius of place: Frederick Law Olmsted, and Keep walking.