Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chantal Akerman, Filmmaker, 1950 - 2015

Image copied from The Guardian, October 6, 2015
Chantal Akerman in Venice in 2011. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo
Chantal Akerman had an uncompromising view; she suffered no fools. I certainly did not know her well, but in a few years during which we both taught at City College of New York, I had opportunity to share a few occasions of commiserating about the "organization." There is much media coverage today because of her death on Monday (reported, probable suicide) in the European mediia -- and even a New Yorker post The cultural media is treating her quite well now. "Rest in Peace" is a nice thought, but not for people like Chantal: the more apt thought -- "Did Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night."